Ubiquiti’s latest firmware solves issues with MBPs

I’ve been a fan of Ubiquiti’s line of UniFi APs since before the UAP-AC version 1 was released. ┬áThere have been lots of growing pains with the various releases of hardware and software. ┬áThe biggest issue was when the original UAP-AC Pro AP was released with a different vendor’s AC WiFi chip then their earlier […]

Hard earned lesson on new AC wifi & roaming

Over the last year I’ve installed or updated about a dozen networks to use AC technology.  Some have worked great from the beginning and others have been a misery and have never quite worked right.  It took a while but  I think I’ve got a solution. All the networks that have had issues have had […]

Fresh WP Start!

After the last big security scare and realizing that I had not updated my theme since 2014, I decided it was a good time for a new installation and a new database.  Once again, I’m using Canvas from WooThemes and running on a tiny VPS from the former Slicehost.  My last WP site was nothign […]

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